ZOMG Tauren Plushie!

by Shelbi on December 18th, 2007

I came across the most adorable plushie evar! Ahsavka has created a tauren, based on her boyfriends character, Proudhorn, from WoW.

It makes me want to start attempting plushies again. I have a sewing machine.. now I just need some free time!

From Fan Art

  1. Sedna permalink

    That might be the cutest thing ever. I’m tempted to learn how to make plushies…if only to make one of my Tauren hunter wearing her pimp hat (Stylin’ Crimson Hat).

  2. @Sedna – I started by hand-sewing felt. It’s a lot cheaper to buy those 10 cent sheets of colored felt and cheapie thread. :)

  3. Mad Cow permalink

    Finally, some love for teh cowz =D

    PS – a shield? booo … where’s his kilt? teh sparkleez? MOONFARE!!!!

  4. Sedna permalink

    Woot! To the crafts store!
    I did make a little plushie at Connecticon last year…he’s a zombie (no name yet, though I kind of like Ralph). He sits on my desk and hungers for my delicious brains.

  5. I really want to learn how to make some PLUSHIES!!!!1

    They are soooo cool


    If you want to check out my website…feel free


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