We’re Recruiting… maybe

by Jon on November 12th, 2007

<The Bronze Kettle> (the guild) is pretty weak in the numbers department right now. We took a break from the game about 6 months ago and the guild was left to deteriorate and it did just that. Our current members include Shelbi and myself, a couple of close friends, a co-worker, a legion of alts, and one random person (hi Shorty) that I ran through SM after a Headless Horseman run.

With 2.3 planned to drop tomorrow, it would seem like a perfect time to bolster our ranks. We’re not looking for the hardest of the hardcore raiders (yet) but rather fellow players that enjoy the game casually and don’t necessarily want to experience it alone. We enjoy helping other players and our guild’s previous incarnation actually employed a lowbie instance run night.

There is a slight issue: recruitment. What is the best way to go about adding new members? I think there’s a recruitment channel but does anyone ever join it? I know I could spam in the general or trade channel(s), but I really don’t want to be that guy. PUGs seem to be a good way to meet new people but we run instances so few and far between that it would take an immense amount of time to recruit people this way.

We’d love to have your feedback so I’ve added a poll to this post. I’ve enabled the option to submit your own suggestions this time as it seem to be a popular request from our last poll.

How should we handle guild recruitment?
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Btw, we’re totally open to any of our readers joining up. Just send us a /tell in-game. We only have one simple rule: Don’t be an Asshole. If you can meet that requirement then you’ll have no problem. Alts, mains, casuals, couples, first-timers or old-timers; everyone is welcome.

  1. Mad Cow permalink

    I would love to join you guys … your blog rocks … but I’m a Hordie for life =/ I can’t leave my moo cow behind!


  2. John permalink

    If you’re just looking to increase the number of people you have around to chat with and perhaps have an opportunity to form 10 or 25-person raids, you might look into creating a guild alliance. Find a couple smaller guilds that you have some goals in common with, then ask them if they’d like to create an alliance. You can create an Alliance chat channel for everyone in the member guilds to chat and perhaps an alliance group channel to aid people in finding group members for instance runs, etc. It’s a great way to get to know people without having to do too much recruiting, and once you have enough interested people you can start an Alliance raid (The guild leaders of my current guild, a fairly small and friendly guild, are also the leaders of the number 2 non-guild TK/SSC raid on our server).

    Sorry for the long comment. All the best!

  3. I would highly recommend that you make a post on your WoW realm fourms that explains what you do (casual play, maybe a future in raiding) and who you’re looking for (non-assholes). Ask them to contact you in-game for more information, so you can sneak in a brief non-asshole check. Bump the post occasionally if it falls off the first page, or until you have enough people.

    I have seen this approach work great.

  4. @Mad Cow – we’d love you have you. It’s a real shame that you’re a dirty two-bit horde. ;-)

    @John – An alliance with an existing guild is definitely an option, especially when we start raiding anything higher than Hogger.

    @Valyre – I’ll try posting on Dark Iron’s forums. We’ll see how that goes. =)

  5. Don’t give up the guild until it is the last possible option.

    When TBC was released, a friend and I reformed Black Templars, an old guild tag that existed during server launch and then died when Molten Core came out.

    We started out as just 5 people in total, set out to 5man every possible instance as we leveled to 70. That was back in Jan.—now the guild has blossomed and we are killing 25man bosses in SSC and TK. It wasn’t as easy as hopping into another bigger, established guild, but damn when we make progress, we enjoy it that much more.

  6. Don’t rely on any single method, but use all you can that don’t run you out of energy.

    And good luck.

  7. Kremlin permalink

    What “Hardcore is sickness.” guy said. You can enjoy WoW or you can be hardcore. You will have to run your guild like… like something not fun if you want to make serious PvE progress. If you just want a group that makes it easier to find people to do casual content with, just manually recruit – pug a lot and offer invites to non-asshole people you meet that you get along with.

  8. Unfortunately, since you’re on Dark Iron my wife and I can’t join you: our alliance 70′s are on a PvE server. However, my horde toons are in the same battleground as you, so I may see you in AV if you’re ever there. If so, look for a tauren. I know that’s very specific.

  9. Grumpy permalink

    After leaving the PA Alliance there, I recently left DI to a PvE realm. Now I find out cool people still do exist on that realm.

    WTB PvE to PvP Transfer please!

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