Vinyl Bumper Stickers

by Shelbi on June 5th, 2008
Yes, I’ve finally done it! Of course, I had to do it myself, because I couldn’t find a print shop to do them for less than $100/die cut. Someday, I’ll be able to purchase a cutter so I won’t have to cut these out by hand anymore. LOL I have a lot of others printed, I just haven’t cut them yet. I’m also working on an orc, troll, undead and then a special bear for someone! VISIT THE SHOP  

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  2. I love them, but we need a mage!!

  3. Have you looked into a CraftRobo, Shelbi? My wife has one and they are the bomb. I’m not sure how they do on vinyl, but they are completely freeform, cut any vector graphic and I think they are only a few hundred dollars for the ones that even include optical registration.

    p.s. When are we getting a Tree of Life sticker? ^_^

  4. A Troll?

  5. Sweet artwork. Heres to hoping you make the troll you are working on a hunter */cast puppy dog eyes*

  6. Dulcea permalink

    Oooh…I shall spam the site every day if a tree of life comes in…and buy duplicates. Maybe in the pretty Andridge colors?

  7. Oh my god the stickers are already gone! /cry

  8. Very nice work!

  9. I need a druid vinyl but there is not one for sale at the site… can you hook a brother up?

  10. @Blake – I have a little mage.. I’ll post him soon! :)
    @Korryna – I’m holding out for the Klik-n-Kut Elements. But I’ll look into that! Thanks!
    @Trollin and Dechion – He’s coming very soon! It’s not too hard to switch armor on the guys, so I can probably work in that request.

  11. Sleepymel permalink

    These are so cute! How about a night elf hunter? :) Please?

  12. OMG I am in LOVE! You do fantastic work!!!

  13. marck permalink

    Is the rogue sticker stealthed? :-)

    Awesome job, been waiting for these for a while.
    keep up the great work!

  14. Druid troll ?

  15. Beasstt permalink

    Hey, wondering 1)when will the shop site be back up, and 2) do ya have a tauren warrior? cant wait to hear!


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