by Jon on January 21st, 2008

Teh Upgrades

I’ve got the day off today. I’d love to spend it grinding rep or honor or even leveling an alt, but the current task at hand involves rebuilding my home PC. Unfortunately it has a bad case of the Windows. Instead of reformatting the primary drive, I picked up a decent 500Gb replacement that is both faster and has a bigger cache than my current drive for less than 2 C-notes.

I’ve put off this job for quite some time but it’s starting to affect my ability to do my job. I’ve been dropping from the game at the most inopportune times (like rescuing Thrall from Durnholde Keep) and also have problems with my textures dropping out while I’m in Outland. I think the latter issue may be heat related so I’m going to make sure I give the machine a run for its money with the shop-vac while it’s opened up. Rebooting my box takes approximately 1 lunar cycle, so I have to plan my crashes accordingly.

This computer of mine is about 3 years old. I picked it up a few months before WoW released in 03. It was never a top of the line machine but I was extremely satisfied with the results when I first fired up the WoW beta and logged into Northshire Valley. The game has seen the release of many patches and an expansion pack with at least another expansion on the way with no signs of slowing down.

So as technology increases, the current engine will begin to age. (Some may argue that it has already aged plenty, but I’m not one of those people). Do you think we’ll ever see the end of WoW?

Will a new MMORPG (from a competitor or Blizzard themselves) eventually take its current throne or will we see a new iteration a la World of Warcraft II?

I know people still play the vanilla Everquest and even Ultima Online and old MUDs. 10 years from now what will become of the game that we all enjoy?

  1. Kathlyn permalink

    If WoW ever dies, it’ll be because Metzen and co. decided that Jaina and Thrall should get married and have cute little half-orc babies, not because of the game engine.

    But silly person that I am, I’d still be playing if that happened. Inter-faction romances ftw.

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