Transmogrify Your Character For Charity!

by Shelbi on November 8th, 2007

I have received quite a few requests for custom character illustrations based on my avatars. I’d love to do all of them but there’s only so much time in the day that is already limited by parenting, working, blogging, wowing, and (last but not least) cooking.

We didn’t really want to charge money for the work, and even if we did, finding an even price point would prove to be a challenge. We think we’ve come up with a solution though:

TBK Presents:

If you aren’t familiar with Child’s Play, it’s an awesome charity set up by the guys over at Penny Arcade (I’m confident that they should need no introduction). Child’s Play is a community of over 100,000 gamers that have managed to raise over $2 million in donations of toys, games, books, and cash for children in hospitals in just a few short years.

So check out the auction and get to bidding. It’s for a great cause. More details can be found on the auction’s page.

The auction is setup to ship within the United States, however, I WILL SHIP INTERNATIONALLY AT NO CHARGE. Sorry for any confusion.

  1. Where do the charms come from? Etsy?

  2. Well.. I make them at home. I do sell some charms on etsy and some on my website (

  3. You are my new hero.

  4. What a great idea! And your third mention on WI in like two weeks. I am jealous!

  5. You’ve survived the WoW Insider linkage, but are you prepared for the firestorm that is… a link from Penny Arcade?

    Good luck! I’m donating through my guild as usual; we were actually an official sponsor last year.

  6. @Ana – The real heroes are the gamers that have managed to donate millions of dollars to such a worthy cause.

    @EN – I think we need to work on our rep next. ;-)

    @GMW – The site has been holding up well so far. I think it was a a good decision to transfer to a different host recently. As for bing linked from Penny Arcade, it is quite an honor. To quote Gabe, “I feel like my fan boy gland has become dangerously swollen.”

  7. will there or is there a a place where you can “order” costum things? say, charms? Guess you could sell them through TBK for $5.99 and make them into donations?

    //Over & Out

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