The Pros and Cons of BlizzCon

by Jon on August 25th, 2009

BlizzCon was a blast. This was our second year to attend and I can say without hesitation that it was a much more epic experience than the last. We learned some valuable lessons and plan on going into BlizzCon 2010 a bit wiser.

Pro Con
Delicios burrito and chimichanga at Blue Burrito Grille at Sky Harbor Airport. Bland tacos from the taco hut outside the convention center.
Pro Con

The sweet rooms at the Hilton. Looking out our window and realizing that the Marriott across the street has rooms with balconies.
Pro Con
Meeting and chatting up Chris Metzen outside the lobby of the Hilton. Missing the meetup because it was too damn crowded at the Tangerine.
Pro Con
The opening keynote that announced the monk class and cataclysm. Not being able to twitter from the main hall due to iPhone service being completely borked.
Pro Con
The awesome cosplayers. No one knowing who General Vezax is.
“Oh is that a protoss?”
Pro Con
The excellent pizza for breakfast at Sbarro at the Hilton. The horrible food and service at Coco’s across the street from the Tangerine
(I hear the one closer to the convention center doesn’t suffer from failitis).
Pro Con
Playing Kings Cup in the hotel lobby. Ending the game early due to Hilton Security Staff.
(note: the staff was actually rather cool about stuff, just doing their job.)
Pro Con
Acquiring many phat lewts. Needing to purchase an additional piece of luggage just to get it all home.
Pro Con
Being able to customize a n00bz figure on the con floor. Needing a strength potion just to disassemble the n00b for painting, then smudging the crap out of it while reassembling.
Pro Con
The Artist Formerly Known as Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftan. No new songs from TAFKAL80ETC.
Pro Con
Ozzy Osbourne laying to rest any doubts about his abilities and totally killing the closing ceremony. Being subjected to commentary by the dumb broad at DirectTV while we waited for Ozzy to take the stage.
Pro Con
Epic afterparty at the Hilton. Stupid camera was drunk so half the pictures turned out blurry. Ok so maybe it was operator error.
Pro Con
Chilling with Damian and Jick in room 8430 at the afterafterparty. Sleeping through our alarm and missing our 7:30 am flight the next day. Oops.

Despite the balanced list, the entire trip was mostly an enjoyable experience. It was awesome getting to meet everyone and sorry if we missed you.

*Disclaimer: a lot of these pics come from our BlizzCon Flickr, but I had to borrow some.

  1. Glad you had a good time at the con, was hoping to snag some of those cute goodies you were handing out but didn’t get a chance.

    That’s strange though, I went to the Coco’s near the Tangerine and the food was excellent. A lot better tasting, better serviced and better priced than the previous day’s adventure to IHOP! Maybe it was just a bad morning?

  2. Funny synopsis! I GOTTA go next year!

  3. Haha, great post! While it’s clear you had a completely different conference experience than me, I couldn’t help while reading remembering all the pros and cons of my own encounters.

    Pro Tip for next time: Phone for a wake up call. Never trust just the alarm. The call totally saved my ass ;)

  4. Ralph Lee permalink

    Wow, I didn’t realize the Hilton was *that* crazy. I thought the Doubletree was a happening place, but partying in the lobby, seriously? Amazing.

    Also, I commend you for resisting the easy “Blizzpros and Blizzcons pun…

    @Brajana, I found the food and the service at Denny’s (sun morning) were superior to the IHOP (fri morning).

  5. That was awesome, nicely done. And the dumb broad I think was supposed to be dumb, it was about the eye candy portion they were going for.

    Pro – having an awesome breakfast before day 1 of blizzcon at IHOP
    Con – Realizing that omelets at IHOP cost $15 in Anaheim / Across from Disney, when they cost $8.99 in the rest of the world

  6. chris permalink


  7. Man,
    If only I could find the time away from Work and Family for ONe of these events, I could die happy….

  8. Good times! The crew was right next to you guys at the Hilton party for a while. in fact… We suggested your friend put the box on his head. hahaha. Epic Helm.

  9. Hey jon! Just wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you and shelbi at the TNB meetup!

  10. @Brajana – the Coco’s that we went was clearly the inferior of the two. Even the manager was a dick. He could tell that we were unhappy, rang us all up, but didn’t bother to ask us how our meal was.

    @Veneretio – ill be sure to utilize the front desk next time. The entire staff at the Hilton was great.

    @Defkon – I don’t remember meeting you guys but then again things were a bit hazy. The Beer Box Helmet of Charisma was a recurring drop throughout the entire stay.

    @Matt – likewise. Unfortunate that we couldn’t hang out at the TNB meetup a bit longer, we had some hungry and grumpy guildies to tend to.

  11. Whoah! I’ve been using your recipes for a while and love em. I just started looking through your Blizzcon pics- and realized I’m in one!
    I was teh guy in the white shirt playing Kings with ya- Great fun guys.
    That’s too wierd.
    I’d be happy to link your site if you’d return the favor =)

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