Tanks but No Tanks

by Jon on April 2nd, 2008

I love tanking. I enjoy the challenge and although some may argue that it isn’t a very rewarding venture, I find it quite satisfying. I’m not sure where the following quote originated but I’ve seen it quite a few times on multiple paladin forums and I think it describes the role in a classy (and cheesy) way:

My comrades are my weapons, and I am their shield.
While I draw breath, they shall not perish.
So long as they live, our enemies will fall.
I am defender, protector, guardian.
I am a Paladin.

Yes there are some caveats, soloing is one of them. My lousy dps and extended downtime make solo grinding unbearable. Unless of course I’m doing this:

The other issue I have is that I’m often called upon by others to tank this or that instance and while i’d love to be able to help everyone out (seriously I hate to disappoint even complete strangers and especially fellow guildmates), I just find that I don’t have the time. Weeknights are either spent raiding, preparing for said raiding, or doing dailies (i’d like to have an epic roflcopter one of these days not to mention the steep cost of pots and repair bills). I can get on about twice during the day on weekends while Jon 3.0 goes down for his nap(s), but I don’t commit to anything because when he wakes up and yell’s “daddy!”, the group I’m in is going to be down a tank.

The underlying problem here is that there aren’t enough tanks to go around. We are a rare commodity even with 3 viable tank-capable classes. In the solo-centric pre-endgame of WoW, speccing as tank is just an exercise in masochism. I know that the fact that I reside on a PVP Server doesn’t really help matters, but I really believe that if I were to mosey on over to a PVE or even a RP-PVE realm, that I’d still see the LFG and trade channels lit up w/ LF1M tank for XX then GTG.

Blizzard is clearly aware of this and is developing an entirely new class to try to fill the void. I just hope that they implement the Death Knight in such a way that it doesn’t penalize you for making the choice to roll any of the other tanking classes.They’ve claimed that the DK will be a tank/dps hybrid that uses a zwei-hander instead of sword and board. As long as they retain the solid balance that we currently have between warriors, paladins and druids with the implementation of the Death Knght then there shouldn’t be any issue. If you make the DK too strong as a tank then our other tanks will lose popularity, make them too weak and we’ll be in the same boat we’re in now as people will prefer to spec for dps.

Honestly, I just want an effective way to provide high dps while our talents are tied up in the tanking tree (WTB catform imo).

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  1. Begin gripe: Doing solo stuff like quests and daily quests with a Prot pally is horrid, and my advice to any prot pally is to level another toon to do all your farming and dailies on; cause the pally will just be painful. I know my 70 prot pally is next to useless at this stuff, especially where the mobs are melee and caster mix. Dont even think of doing pvp, its a joke out there. Unless the toons disconnect through bordem, you wont win.

    My warlock however is cake for solo and questing, so the warlock gets to do all the questing, while the pally just tanks. The only disadvantage is thats its two toons to level, to grind rep, to get mounts for, etc.

    I’d love the capacity to kill a single mob quickly, and would settle for not having to use my entire mana bar each time. Its so true that 1 mob may as well be 3-4 mobs. Counter to that is how great they are as tanks – I love tanking as Prot.

    The Death Knight is seriously tempting, and I’d be surprised if a lot of pallys didn’t try it out when its released. A Tank who can also dps is viable for druids, so why not the other classes?

  2. Honestly, I want the Death Knight to make all three current tanks obsolete, so that all three will need to be redesigned for soloing/questing viability. At present I have to equip a full set of epic DPS gear to grind as well as my fury warrior alt does in greens and blues. Hell, he still grinds twice as fast as my prot warrior.

  3. So this is why you never hang out with me!

    I thought you just didn’t like me ;)

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