Taming the Pridelord

by Jon on September 16th, 2007

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Humar the Pridelord is one of the rarest and most elusive pets that can be acquired in the early game. His black male lion skin is unique to him only–if you want a black lion, this is the only place in the game to get it.

He’s a level 23 rare (silver) elite mob that always spawns in the same exact location. His home is in the shade of a tree just northwest of Ratchet at approximately (62, 33). So what’s the catch? He only spawns once every 8-12 hours.

Camping him can be an exercise in futility as you run the risk of some jerk coming by at an time and taking him as soon as he spawns or during the taming process. This risk is compounded even more if you’re on a PVP server.

A much more effective route is to log out near Humar’s tree and make an effort to log back on during your servers off hours while Humar has had a chance to spawn and chill out undisturbed.. I’ve had the most luck around 5:00 AM. If you have young children, more than likely you’ll be up at this obscene hour anyway. For others, it may be easier just to stay up until this time and check his location before logging.

So you’ve spent a couple of days waking up at the crack of dawn to obtain this elusive trophy pet and are getting discouraged. Don’t. It’ll pay off. You’ll log in one morning and sitting there ever-so nonchalantly.

Now what? If you’re still in your low 20s and solo, taming the Pridelord can be a little tricky. Humar hits like a Mack truck, and without proper planning, has the potential of ruining your day faster than you can tame him. This is where chain-trapping comes in handy.

It might help to practice the following a few times on some of the mobs in the area.

  • First, clear the surrounding area of mobs. There are a couple of lionesses with their cubs that like to path dangerously close. You might also want to throw up Aspect of the Monkey and have a spare potion ready in-case things get hairy. As with taming any pet, make sure to stable your other pet(s) first or bring along a throw-away pet that you don’t mind abandoning.
  • Next, lay a freezing trap just outside of Humar’s aggro range and wait until the cooldown on your freezing trap ability is almost up (don’t worry the actual trap will last twice as long).
  • Fire off a concussive shot to get Humar’s attention and start backing up as he slowly makes his way towards your first freeze trap.
  • Disengage your autoshot if applicable (hitting the default attack hotkey ‘T’ works)
  • As he hits your first freeze trap you should be about 5 yards back. Drop another freeze trap and back an additional couple of yards.
  • Start taming him. You should be able to get at least 1/4 of the taming done before the first trap fails. He’ll immediately charge after you and hit your second trap leaving the taming process uninterrupted and you unscathed.
  • The second trap will break and he’ll probably get a few hits in before the taming is complete, but you should have plenty of health left.
  • Once he’s tamed, make sure to feed him (cats will only eat meat or fish).

That should do it. Enjoy your new friend.

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