by Shelbi on November 29th, 2007

I made some stickers for my car and I thought I’d share. They came out pretty good. If you get really close, the colors are a little pixelated on the lock and vw. I think I’ll try printing them myself, rather than outsourcing, and see how that works.

From Fan Art

  1. Now that’s taking a game a bit to the extreme side! Mouse-mats and even mugs or such, I can understand, but doing that to a poor, unsuspecting car? :)

  2. F T W !

  3. Oooooo! I want! Please please sell these on CafePress or something! (I can’t bear waiting for auctions; I need immediate gratification!) I want the epic mount one and a tauren shaman. =) Come on, it’s the holiday season and you could make some money with these things — even donating it to charity!

  4. Cha Ching! Hello? great Idea? I’m knocking on your door!

  5. LOL! Thanks everyone. I definitely planned on selling these.. I just wanted to do a test run w/ the printer to see if it was worth it to send off or not. I’ll make a post when I get the perfected and in the shop! :)

  6. Wow, Shelbi, those look amazing. I especially love hot the void walker came out…
    I wish I had those on my car! When you’re done with your test runs and whatnot, you can definitely count me in for buying some of those!

  7. I love them!! =D

    I’d get the warlock one for my boyfriend for Christmas or something. *nods*

  8. Absolutely awesome. Custom stickers+Current Auction=Higher prices! :) I’d bid.

  9. Christina permalink

    Sweet!! Please post when we can buy, those are aewsome!

  10. Ravynn permalink

    I would so buy the lock set!!! Definitely love it and can’t wait to see more work! :)

  11. I can has voidwalker sticker, soon plz? :)

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