Snow Day!

by Shelbi on March 4th, 2008

Overnight we got an unusual amount of snow (for Texas anyway). It was exciting to wake up and see everything covered in white. With schools being delayed 2 hours, we all got up, got dressed and went outside to play.

  1. Kinman permalink

    Very happy to see Odin up and about. /scratches Odin on the tummy

  2. Aww what a fun morning for all of you! You’re a cute family as well. :)

    And Odin looks so cute in the snow!

  3. Criminy! That’s a lot of snow for western South Dakota! When you don’t get much, it sure can be fun once in a great while, but be glad it’s not a weekly, or even monthly, occurrence. :)

  4. Taylor M permalink

    Wow there is elf wife.. :) isnt it?

    hey ! his jusband might be happy for her

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