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by Jon on November 2nd, 2007

I’m very grateful to have a hobby that I can share with my wife and although she’s been a gamer since I’ve first known her, I have to credit WoW for providing such an excellent fusion of two things that I love.

I was under the impression that Shelbi and I were a rare breed but over the past few days I’ve noticed a suprising abundance of couples that play together. What category do you fall under?

Do you play WoW with your Significant Other (husband/wife/lover/life-partner)?
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Update: Kevin Stallard over at posted a very appropriate article dubbed How to deal with a WoW Widow (without going insane). Give it a read.

  1. Unfortunately, I need a fifth choice: My SO plays EQII and I play WoW. We only see each other when *both* sets of servers are down.

  2. Lori L. permalink

    um.. I don’t have a partner just now; but if I were looking, playing WoW would be a requirement. =)

  3. While I finally got my wife hooked on the computer many years ago, she’s never ever had the slightest interest in playing MMOs–even though one of our sons and his wife play (albeit on a different server than I play on).

    Instead, she’d rather sew princess dresses for our granddaughter. :)

  4. @mania – that’s a rare breed right there. was your SO an original EQ player? Do you guys talk shop about your respective games? Btw, I dig your site and have added you to our blogroll.

    @ lori – put up a post regarding WoW-Widows. Very good read. I’ll add a link to this post.

    @Kestrel – awesome that you play with your son and daughter-in-law. I’ve actually tried to get my dad into the game but haven’t succeeded in getting him hooked yet.

  5. My boyfriend and I started playing WoW on the same day and we’ve pretty much leveled together the whole time, staying right next to each other in level… it’s been an immensely enjoyable experience.

  6. Nice post, Jon. I’m glad to count myself and The Boy among the growing minority. Generally speaking, I suspect WoW players capable of stringing more than two sentences together are more likely to have significant others, though that doesn’t mean their SO will necessarily play with them.

    Mania, that sounds like insanity. I really don’t know what I’d do if The Boy and I became split between two different guilds/servers/games.

  7. Sherri permalink

    I started playing WoW first, and hubby would play on my account when I was not on it. Then he got hooked, and the rest is history. His original characters are still on my account to this day, and have not been touched in almost a year. We now play together nightly, and due to me working and him not, he is on a lot more than me now. I could not imagine our life if one liked and the other did not.

  8. Tom permalink

    My wife has just finished the 10 day trial and we leveled a pair of NE Druids to 10. The trial is over and she has the new wii mario game on its way… we will see if she wants to WoW again. She did ask this weekend to play so maybe it it will become a favorite, she really enjoyed playing cooperatively so I think she will return to WoW. At least she ‘gets it’ now.

    Great blog btw.

  9. Courtney permalink

    There needs to be another choice to the poll: I wish I had a significant other to play WoW with :) I actually broke up with my boyfriend cause I played video games a LOT more than he did. QQ

  10. Obmulap permalink

    You forgot the other choice: My SO is too busy raiding with her guild to play the game with me.

  11. Kitty permalink

    We are not a WoW couple, however we are a gamer couple. I tried to get him into WoW, but it wasn’t his thing. He really likes his FPS, and I really like MMOs (and RPGs). We sit next to each other with our matching desks, playing video games all night long.

  12. My SO and I more or less run a guild now, I kinda took over the reins for recruiting and such after my brother, the GM, went on an extended hiatus. My boyfriend handles the raid leading and such. It works out quite well, in my opinion. :)

  13. Dallben permalink

    I bet this survey is a little skewed… a website run by a husband and wife duo (that publishes cooking recipes related to WoW, lol) is bound to get more hits from relationship-type people, don’t you think?

    Great site by the way, it’s my first time here :)

  14. Tomte permalink

    My wife abhors WoW, though she loved the South Park episode about it. On the other hand, she speaks a Scandinavian language like I do, and is otherwise a dear. :) Can’t win ‘em all.

    About the survey…being something of a casual player (less than 10 hours a week), I’d have answered the survey differently if I could: “Doesn’t play a lot, but still has a WoW Widow for an SO.”

  15. Jon: Thanks. :> My husband and I both came into modern MMOs via Asheron’s Call, but I had played many text MUDs before that while he got his start in UO and Trade Wars. We talk about our respective games quite a bit — actually, we rarely argue over money (as most couples supposedly do), but we have had some serious knock-down drag-out verbal fights over game design! *grin* I’m a very strict soloer, whereas he has developed into a grou-oriented player.

    GMW: It helps that both of us are … not casual, exactly, but very flexible (even erratic) in our playing time.

    Dalben: Personally, I resent being lumped in as a “relationship-type people”. *grin* Just because I’m married doesn’t make me normal.

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