Shop is Currently Closed

by Shelbi on January 21st, 2008

Right now my shop is currently closed because I’m re-organizing inventory and adding new products. I have an idea of the things I’d like to put in there, but I thought I’d get some opinions. I’m also planning on doing a re-design…which gives me a plenty of time for product testing.

What products should we add to the shop?
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Sidenote: I finally finished my voidwalker!

  1. ahh beautiful Void ther…almost makes me want to play my old Warlock again, but alas his days are over for now. Now I run with this guy

    hmmmm, I wonder…..

  2. buttons are meh imo (I don’t think i could get away with putting them anywhere except my computer bag maybe,) but I do love the stickers and t-shirts.

  3. I am DYING for those little lock & voidwalker stickers for my car!

  4. I would love to see more of anything :)

    And amazing void. I love my Tangnos so much xD

  5. Very nice. Going to post about it shortly. =)

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