Shadow’s Embrace

by Shelbi on January 7th, 2008

As Jon mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been grinding my butt off to finish my Frozen Shadoweave set, and it’s finally paid off. Granted, I’ve done all of this hard work only to want an entirely new set, but it’ll be good for farming for money to get a flying mount. I’ve probably spent a small fortune leveling my tailoring from 340 to 375 and purchasing mats for my robe, shoulders and boots. There’s no way I was going to wait every four days for 2 pieces of shadowcloth, so I bought it outright from the auction house. The cost for the cloth is around 30-35g on my server. In order to make the set, I needed 26 pieces of shadow cloth. In order to make the gold to get these I farmed for Motes of Fire by killing Enraged Fire Spirits in Shadowmoon Valley to make Primal Fire which I sold for about 20g each. Now, there might be better ways of farming for gold, but I was able to create a primal every 7-11 minutes. Yes, I literally timed it. There are times of day that are better for farming, like early morning when everyone else is asleep, but even mid-day I was able to collect a decent amount to sell. As far as getting Primal Water, I initially started grinding Lake Spirits in Nagrand, but being so close to Garadar, I ended up getting ganked a lot. So, in the end, I went back to farm for more motes of fire. Then again, it’s also helpful if you have a husband who will loan (give) you 200g.

I felt a great sense of accomplishment after finally seeing the pieces on. Although, I desperately need to do something about those bracers and gloves!

Shadow’s Embrace

  1. Nice. FSW is an amazing set.

  2. I had tried this on my Warlock when I was playing him and couldn’t get past the farming for all the Primals needed. I would have loved it if I could have done it so props to you for being able to get it done.

  3. Shelbi, the set looks great (Osprey loves his Primal Mooncloth outfit!), but…you closed your eyes when the pic was snapped!

  4. Congratulations on your set!

    Regarding your gloves and bracers, you could farm some honor to pick up the PvP pieces (Vindicator Cuffs and Gladiator Gloves), and then you could socket them according to your needs. Easy, and the pieces are quite nice too. =)

  5. “Huzzah!” on your set. My guild was originally going to use me as a healer, but I was almost done with my primal mooncloth set (I made/farmed all the materials myself) by the time they asked me to stay shadow…

    Yeah, I didn’t feel like spending 150 gold just to unlearn one tailoring specialty, so I make 20-slot bags for people (^_-) but I finally got enough honor to get my first piece of season 1 gear yesterday and I couldn’t have been happier. Sure, my resilience is still pretty abysmal, but that doesn’t matter because I’m just happy to finally start my PvP set and I’ve got a great guild to help me socket my gear.

  6. Arras permalink

    Congrats! The FSW set is a terrific gear set for locks and s. priests. I spent weeks…months, actually…farming shadow and fire primals for my two pieces of shadowcloth and another few weeks farming for primal waters (the skettis surgers in Skettis are great for this – provided you have a flying mount).

  7. @Kestrel – LOL! The set is so awesome.. it was just one of those moments.

    @Jagoex – That’s definitely my next step. :)

    @Fiz – Congrats on the gear!

    @Arras – I wish I had a flying mount – not that I’m keen on the reduced speed.. but it would have been helpful for grinding for primals! As soon as I hit 70 I started grinding for the set, whereas Jon got his mount. Someday though..

  8. I had tailoring at 375 on my shadow priest when she was 64, and started making the cloth right then. I have a 70 hunter with epic flight which made farming the primals cake, if not boring. About 2 weeks after I hit 70 on the priest I made the set, only to bank it four days later when I went holy. *sigh*

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