by Shelbi on January 29th, 2008

Here are some random screenshots of what I’ve been up to lately. As a guild, we’re working on getting keyed for Kara. Personally, I’m working on grinding rep for The Exodar. Once I’m exalted, I plan on picking up a Great Blue Elekk. I’ll also be farming for primals to make my spellstrike pants, which I got the pattern for last night. I was kind of hoping Hellmaw would drop the Jaedenfire Gloves of Annihilation, but beggars can’t be choosers.

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  1. If you’re affliction some of the best gloves pre-Hyjal drop off of the first (!) boss in karazhan, Attumen the Huntsman. Keep your eyes out for the handwraps of flowing thought! If you’re not affliction, they’re still pretty powerful, but the pure damage potential (if you socket pure damage like most aff locks and spriests) is incredible for aff.

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