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by Jon on October 25th, 2007

I am eager to get my Petrified Lichen Guard for some pally AOE-grinding goodness and am only a couple thousand rep short of meeting the reputation requirement (honored with Sporeggar). My rep is apparently to high for them to accept my stacks of Bog lord Tendrils or Mature Spore Sacs so I’ve got to resort to extreme measures. has proven to be an invaluable resource in determining which direction to take when grinding rep with a desired faction.

It works beautifully; you just enter your character and server name and hit submit, then the app then queries the official WoW Armory site and generates a listing of all your current (BC only as of right now) reputation standings. You then click on one of the factions and it provides you with the recommended zone quests, repeatable quests, and mob-kills needed to earn their love. The site also calculates the rep required and tells you exactly how many times you have to complete a repeatable quest or mobs you have to kill to reach the next rank (friendly, honored, revered or exalted). It even takes into account the wonderful human racial Diplomacy (+10% reputation bonus).

In my case, I only need to slay about 100 Bog Lords before I’m honored with the spore peoples.

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  1. Kadaan permalink

    Check out as well, I prefer its interface to the .com version :) .

  2. Oh noes! I have some competitions! :)

  3. Horko permalink

    Another good route to go is killing the spore bats and tripods up around that area. They drop the strange spores (pet stamina food for hunters and locks) as well as the fertile spores. It involves a bit more running around, but 10 fertile spores are worth 750 rep, and my experience has been that you usually will pick up near a stack of the pet food while getting 10 fertile spores.

  4. @kadaan – I actually prefer the more “web2.0ish” style of Grumbles’ site but that’s just me. They are both great sites.

    @grumbles – thanks for stopping by. What did you develop in? (rails mayhaps?)

  5. nope, just plain ol’ php w/ a little bit of jquery

  6. @grumbles – well keep up the great work. do you have any other projects in the pipeline?

  7. yes, my three week old son. :P

    other than that, primarily adding old-world factions, which has been the most requested feature.

    otherwise, im open to suggestions. anyone have a wow related web app they’d like to see built?

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