Recipe: Mudder’s Milk

by Jon on October 29th, 2007

Mudder’s Milk

The perfect companion for instance runs:

1 part coffee liqueur (Kahlua)
1 part irish creme (Bailey’s)
1 part vodka (Smirnoff Triple Distilled)
2 parts milk

A twist on the White Russian based on the exclusive Brewfest Beverage. Mix all the ingredients and pour over ice. Use human breast-milk for an added nutritional buff. What!? Yeah, some people say its good for you, but standard dairy works too.

Disclaimer: We, TBK, do not advocate underage drinking nor do we suggest that drinking will improve your gameplay, your sense of humor, or your skills in the sack.

Please drink responsibly.

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  1. @Zral – did you happen to get a recording of incoherent babbling that undoubtedly transpired over vent?

  2. Zralhaust-Farstriders permalink

    That looks tasty. In regards to Drunken WOWing… I was able to witness an epic Shadow Labs run the other day when my wife’s guild mates decided to run it while drunk IRL. Now these are Kara geared competent gamers and they wiped 3 times on the first pull and were having so much fun that it didn’t matter (they did eventually get their act together and clear the place). I may have to try a drunken Gnomer run soon…

  3. Djarid permalink

    Nice, but where is the statue of Jane? ;)

  4. @dj – wut?

  5. Bomark permalink

    Jane, the Hero of Canton!

  6. Sorry, I need to brush up on my Firefly references.

  7. Yitz permalink's+milk%22&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

    “Mudder’s Milk” is a reference to a drink in Firefly, described as “All the protein, vitamins, and carbs of your grandma’s best turkey dinner, plus 15% alcohol.” It’s apparently disgustingly vile – but hey, probably nothing compared to Gooey Spider Cake, eh?

  8. Termiborg permalink

    Well I tried with Coffe except of Coffe liquor and with some honey but it was great!

  9. Qiyl permalink

    As soon as I saw ‘Mudder’s Milk’ I had to look at the recipe .. no vitamin supplements, no protein additives, but it probably tastes better. If you sing the ‘Hero of Canton’ song while drinking it, will it taste better? “…he took from the rich and he gave to the poor/Stood up to the man and he gave him what for/Our love for him now ain’t hard to explain/the Hero of Canton the man they call…. JANE!”

  10. My girlfriend and I are having a joint, Firefly-themed, birthday party. I’ll be giving this recipe a try. It sounds a lot better than the coconut milk and scotch concoction I saw elsewhere.

    Ah, Jayne. Youse my hero.

  11. Turtle permalink

    I’m definitely adding it to my bartender book, and giving it a try.

    I would think, given Simon’s comments, that it would be more of a beer brewing recipe or at least contain beer as part of the recipe. Beer being “liquid bread”.

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