Rant on Quests

by Jon on October 24th, 2007

To Blizzard:

Please increase your quest-item drop-rate. If you want to make me work harder or longer, just increase the turn-in requirement. k thx bye.

I probably don’t have much room to complain. I know that Blizzard has gone to great lengths to make this game extremely user friendly and reward-centric. I’m thankful for the quest diversity, the awesome rewards, the rested xp system, the lack of a harsh death penalty… the list goes on.

The fact remains, that a good majority of Blizzards quests use the following template:

Bring me X items that drop from killing mobs of some sort.

This would be fine if said quest required a plentiful bounty of lets-say: 40 toenail clippings from a certain tribe of ogre and each one would produce at least one good sample. Blizzard’s quest designers are a little bit more sadistic though, and will only request 4 toenails, but the drop rate will be a measly 10%.

Some may argue that it would work out to be the same. Potentially yes but there are some caveats. You may get lucky and get all 4 in a row, but more likely you’ll be stuck killing ogres over and over with nothing but trash loot. This problem is compounded even more when you’re in a crowded zone with multiple people competing for the same kills for the same quests. This doesn’t help parties that quest together either.

So maybe I’m spoiled. I get easily turned off when my progress comes grinding to a halt (no pun intended). The only rationale that I can conceive is that in some way it makes the quest seem less daunting with a smaller number attached to it. There is something to be said about “just one more before I log” (as opposed to 20).

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  1. Wachunga permalink

    Collection quests are nasty for duos. My wife and I avoid them at all costs for just that reason.

  2. I’m a glutton for punishment and a completitionist. I feel like I have to at least attempt to complete every quest in a zone before moving on. Especially if its part of a longer chain.

  3. Kaantu permalink

    While I agree that 100% drop rates would get very boring, drop rates in the 10% range also get boring (imo). I’ve never understood why a little math was never applied to collection quests.

    For example, I’d like the system to be set up so you’d never have to kill more than 2.5x mobs as the number of items you need to collect. So if you need 10 items, you know going in that you won’t need more than 25 kills to get them. The drop rate may be lousy to start (or not, just like now), but as you kill more mobs, the rate begins to increase based on the number of items you’ve already collected. If you get up to the 20+ kill range and still don’t have enough items, the drop rate will have increased up to 100% by then. Odds are on that you won’t need all 25 kills to get the 10 items unless you’re really unlucky. (in which case, don’t hit any instance runs unless you’re prepared for rolling all single digits that night. :)

    This method isn’t quite a total hand-holding process. There’s still a grind involved, but you know that you won’t be wiping out every mob 3 times over for hours looking for that one last drop.

  4. @Kaantu – there definitely needs to be a happy medium. We just started doing the Hemet Nesingwary quest line and the 30 kills of each animal type is kind of daunting.

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