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by Shelbi on November 14th, 2007

I’ve removed all WoW-related charms from my website so that I can list them on eBay with all proceeds to benefit Child’s Play. Unfortunately, I started a new account to list the auctions and I have no feedback.. so I can’t list any Buy-it-Nows (until I get 5). I bought a lot of stuff in hopes of getting feedback – but for some reason, I think people are waiting to see what I say about them before they say nice things about me. So, bear with me.. I’ll get them up, sooner than later I hope.

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  1. Mae permalink

    Is there a way you can link the page for you charms? I would like to make a purchase but I couldn’t find it. :( There just so dang cute!!

  2. @Mae: I’ve taken off the ability to purchase those until after Christmas – but I’m going to be listing them on eBay (as soon as I can get a feedback score of 5 LOL). What we’re going to do is list a set – a charm (not custom, one that’s already done) and some stickers for a flat Buy-it-Now rate. After Christmas, I’ll resume selling at the shop. I’ll make a post w/ the links as soon as I can get those up. :) Thank you!!

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