Child’s Play Charity Raffle

by Jon on December 4th, 2007

Our 3rd charity auction is complete which brings our total donated amount to $651. Although we are extremely impressed with how well these auctions have done we’ve decided not to have any more auctions this year. Instead we plan to to implement a donation raffle with a slew of prizes including character transmogrification, stickers, charms, and more.

A raffle is superior to the previous auction format as it allows us to not limit donations or the chance at winning to the person with the deepest pockets (not that we’re opposed to flexing your wallet for a good cause).

The way the raffle will work is simple. For every $1 that you donate, you get 1 chance out of the total number of dollars donated. So if 50 people each donate $2, everyone will have a 2/100 or 2% chance to win a prize. Numbers will be assigned based on the influx of the payments, so if you are 1st person to donate and you donate $5. You will respectively be assigned numbers 1-5. The next person to donate $1 gets number 6 and so on.

Winners will be chosen online and during a scheduled in-game event. We will /random 1-X (where X is the total $ donated) to determine the winners. You won’t have to be present to win but it would be awesome if we could get as many people as possible to show up. (Level 1 alts ftw). We’ll post more details about the event soon.

Each winner gets to choose 1 of the remaining prizes (1st winner gets first choice) until all the prizes have been exhausted. It’s possible to win multiple prizes but not for the same entry. Example: if we roll a 4 and a 5, and the same person is assigned those entries, then they will win two prizes. If we roll 2 4′s in a row, the person only gets one prize.

So as of right now: the prizes include the following (multiples will be offered as separate prizes):

We’ve got plans to procure more prizes before the raffle ends. If you have anything you’d like to donate as prize please contact us. It doesn’t have to be artsy or crafty, pre-paid WoW time cards are always a big hit. Just make sure that its appropriate.

The raffle is currently slated to end on Friday the 14th. This will hopefully give us enough time to get prizes out before the holiday.

We’ll setup a separate page for the donation here. Or you can get right down to donating by clicking below.

All that donate will be listed on our site with their donation amount (with permission). Entries are NOT limited to the US, Canada, or anywhere for that matter. Shelbi and I will be paying all Paypal processing fees and standard shipping costs. Express shipping details can be worked out on a per instance basis (overnight to Singapore can be costly).

  1. A great idea! Keep up the good work.

  2. This is awesome. I participate in something like this every year (online charity raffle) but it’s a food theme. A suggestion though : perhaps some logos banners / icons for us to help with the promotion of this online charity raffle? Something like this : . Would be great to put it up at the end of my forum signature.

  3. Sedna permalink

    Hoorah! I was crossing my fingers that you’d do something like this. I’ve thrown a few dollars into the pot. I’m looking forward to see what the event is.

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