New Mounts

by Shelbi on January 20th, 2008

Today I was successful at becoming exalted with the Kurenai. It was fairly simple and not too time consuming, as I was already Revered due to completing a bunch of quests in Nagrand. So, I basically did Obsidian Warbead turn-ins, which grant 550 rep per. The drop rate is about 33%, but you get 11 rep for each ogre you kill. My payoff for this was the Tan War Talbuk.

My 2nd profession, besides tailoring, is enchanting. I’ve been collecting shards in my bank for over a year, so to pay for my 2nd mount, I decided to sell half of everything I own. I made 659g and my DH gave me the rest. So, I finally have an Ebon Gryphon. I’m excited because now I can do some quests I wasn’t able to do and we can run Tempest Keep.

From General

  1. Congrats on the mounts ! =)

    Good blog. ;-)

  2. I hate you… no really congrats. I am still working on those reps and it is harder since I save the beads for Consortium rep. I still would like to get my Talbuk too someday.

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