New Additions 2.. Parvo!

by Shelbi on February 25th, 2008

Ok, so not really, but seriously at the same time.

Our second new edition to the family is my new dog, Odin. I picked him up from a town in the country opposite us from Dallas. He was 6 weeks and a happy, healthy puppy. Jon and I had initially seen a ginger pup that we really liked and hoped fit our family, but I knew this guy would be perfect as soon as I saw him. He’s part Alaskan Malamute and part Arctic Wolf.

Not long after I brought him home he started throwing up and had really bad diarrhea. It was the worst thing I’d ever smelled. We had a vets appointment the next day for shots so I casually mentioned to my vet the other symptoms he was having, thinking it was merely a change in diet or environment. Then I got the talk.. the “there’s a 50% chance he will live” talk. The vet performed the test in the office and five minutes later we had a positive result. The vet gave me medication (Amoxicillin drops and anti-diarrheal gel) but advised that if Odin couldn’t keep the medication down he’d have to come in for IV treatment, at $150/day.

Now, I’d heard of Parvo in the past, and I knew it was bad news, but I had no idea how bad. Luckily I was WFH because I work so far that it’s a pain to have to drive all the way home just for the vet. I researched everything I could about Parvo and was shocked, but better informed. Unfortunately, during the same time I had this nagging cough that would later turn into the flu.

At first Odin was taking the medication fine. I was able to fill his Amoxi syringe with Gatorade (no Pedialyte in these parts) and force feed him Gatorade every hour or so to keep him hydrated. The thing with Parvo is that the dog can die of dehydration/starvation long before anything else. Everything seemed to be going good. He was actually interested in eating. Then he started vomiting again. He couldn’t keep his medicine down. Overnight he went from a healthy pup to a sack of bones. I rushed him to the vet, in tears, and had him admitted for 24-hour IV treatment. He was on this for several days, during which I was experiencing the worst sickness I’ve ever had. I finally got to the point where I had to make the decision to pick him up, regardless of whether or not he was completely ready. I’d exhausted a big chunk of our savings by then. He came home Saturday morning and the vet said he seemed to be doing better. He threw up 2 times and didn’t seem interested in eating, so I thought I was being prepared for another relapse. However, by Sunday he was doing much better.

Unfortunately, Parvo is a big waiting game. Generally, it takes anywhere from 7 to 10 days to start to show symptoms of Parvo. Symptoms usually last 5 to 7 days. It took no time at all for our pup to lose almost all of his weight. Because we have 2 other dogs (both adults) we took them in for a booster, just in case, and are keeping the dogs separated for a few weeks. If you’ve had a run-in with Parvo, you should know that it’s a monster to kill. You need a 1:30 bleach/water solution indoors. You can also bleach your lawn at 50:50. Yes, it will kill the grass, but you’re better off not spreading this killer. More info about Parvo

Here are a couple of pics of Odin. The first is 6 weeks, the second is 7 weeks, after Parvo.

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  1. Odin is darn cute! Hope he gets better man.

  2. Matt S permalink

    Sorry to hear all that. Hopefully all works out.

  3. He is a cute little guy. Hope that he gets over it and that your other two don’t catch it. Here’s to all of your family getting better!

  4. Awwww, excellent puppy… hope it gets better :)

  5. Omigosh!

    I am so sorry your poor puppy, and you, had to suffer through that. He is sooo cute!

    I wish you all the very best, and I hope that little Odin gets lots stronger and healthier every day.

  6. what a cute lil pup, I really hope Odin gets better soon!

  7. MichaelTLH permalink

    Is he better yet? :)

  8. Aww I just read up on it, that is really scary! I hope he makes it ok. Such a cute puppy.

    You get better too! I caught something. Feels like Mono, I’m really fatigued.

  9. centre56 permalink

    Keeping a wolf or part-wolf is a much greater responsibility than keeping a dog.
    Also some states and countries have laws against owning wolves/part-wolves. You must be very lucky to have found a veterinarian that knows how and is willing to knowingly treat a part-wolf.
    I hope you have done your research.

  10. Haw-Hwa permalink

    i hope Odin gets better! we just recently got a chocolate lab hes about 13 weeks old now. i feel your pain!

  11. I hope he is doing better. Parvo is tough. I lost a pup to Parvo many years ago. Never even had a chance. It was horrible. He is an adorable puppy

  12. Aw…

    I really hope Odin gets through this. He’s too effing cute. Best of luck to both of you.

  13. Thank you everyone! Odin is much better. He’s a normal, healthy pup now and he’s gaining the weight back nicely. My vet is aware that he’s a wolf hybrid and is ok with that. Maybe because we live out in the country? I’ve done a lot of research on both breeds and am still reading. :)

  14. Michael permalink

    From the pictures you posted, your new puppy looks identical to a black and tan Shiba Inu. Are you sure of the breed?

  15. I hope he’s okay. He’s a beautiful dog.

  16. mustang sally permalink

    hello i feel your pain thanks for the info ,the vet didnt say too much my artic pup started acting funny i called the vet they said give him peptobismul see ya in the morning he thru up some clear liquid and later bloody dirareah Irushed him to another vet right away they kept him and he is on iv im very worried you say 5 to7 days ouch on the pocket any other tips on cleaning i use novasalin all the time and bleach i cant believe it the neibor brought a dog home from the pound i wonder if thats where it came from can it effect other animals too ? humans in any way ? thanks sally

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