My Five..

by Shelbi on November 29th, 2007

OK, my turn.

  1. Rest b4 Play. Falling asleep while gaming with others is not cool.
  2. Clothies stay back. You’re not invincible.
  3. [Pre-Wii] You’re dood won’t jump higher by waving your controller around. This is especially true in SMB.
  4. Assume nothing. 80% of the chicks in MMORPGS are really dudes.
    1. QQ Less. No one really cares. Everyone’s over powered.

    I tag whoever wants to do this. GO!

    From General

    1. #1: Not my thing: if too tired to enjoy playing, I don’t play!

      #2: That’s probably clothie rule #1… :)

      #3: Definitely not my thing! As for my wife, well, let’s say that if the PS2 cable was bigger, she’d run into some room problems! :)

      #4: Does that account for all my 10 chars all being female toons while I’m a guy in RL? :) That trend started with creating and naming one after my wife, which soon became my main char. Then another one named after my almost 1 year old daughter. And then I liked the female chars more than the male ones so I keep playing female chars! I do however disclose my true gender if someone asks!

      #5: (Still wonder where the QQ comes from!) But I disagree a bit. Yes, I couldn’t care less when some class is OP because I don’t PvP. But some other changes sometimes are just not good and not even a question of balancing classes. Like the hunter double-trapping gone…

      Don’t tag me! I often don’t even check back for replies now that I got used to the “Next»” bookmark in Google Reader! :)

    2. 1. Walk-throughs and strategy guides are not cheating. They’re maximizing the gaming experience for those with too little gaming time to figure things out on their own.

      2. Nintendo will never cater to hardcore gamers on a priority basis. In fact, they will continue to announce one dark title for each console launch, and then postpone it indefinitely.

      3. I miss Sega after all. They were ahead of their time, and I was too dumb to see it.

      4. Don’t start clans/guilds with RL friends at the expense of a better gaming experience. Instead, convince them to join a larger clan/guild with you.

      5. Alcohol and gaming only mix in deathmatch. For team games, it’s only going to annoy everyone else, unless they’re similarly drunk.

    3. Dave permalink

      4. Don’t start clans/guilds with RL friends at the expense of a better gaming experience. Instead, convince them to join a larger clan/guild with you.

      I’m starting to agree with this one more and more…

    4. It really is amazing how people will push themselves to stay awake and play WoW. I’ve done some long nights myself (when TBC first came out, especially), but I’ve never actually fallen asleep during a run. It happens on a semi-regular basis on our guild, though. At least five times a year, I’d say.

    5. @ Girlmeetswow – Yeah… I’m guilty of this. It’s usually that “one more thing” syndrome. Or the “I’m only going on this run to help out because nobody else is on” thing. In fact, I think after I finally turned in the quest in Heroic Slave Pens (I’ve had those signets in my bag forever), I may have nodded off a bit during various times for the rest of the run. After the run, I was so tired, that I didn’t even get up off the couch… I just took a nap for about an hour before heading off to bed. During that hour, my wife got up to get a drink, and she didn’t even wake me up! So yeah… it happens.

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