by Shelbi on August 12th, 2008

After days of waiting, countless refreshing and what seemed like never-ending frustration..

We got our tickets to BlizzCon 2008! See you guys there!

  1. Congrats! Somehow I managed to get in at the 2pm rush yesterday. Unfortunately, quite a few of my guild mates who had planned to make the trip did not get tickets. Some are still coming for a get together, but some are not. Just a shame the way they handled it this year.

  2. Big congrats!

  3. Tiffany permalink

    jealous!! I almost got my tickets, went to check out, and was told the items in basket were no longer available…no…we hope and cross our fingers for a draw.

    have a great time!!!

  4. Very nice!

  5. I have never been to Blizzcon but I would like to go one day. Seems a bit hardcore for me at the moment :)
    samownall – World of Warcraft Blogger

  6. 1 month to go.

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