Icons for All!

by Shelbi on October 31st, 2007

I made some icons based on some characters i created. They’re free for personal use, available in .zip format. Requests accepted, so let me know if you’d like to see a specific race/class/monster/etc. There’s also a Voidwalker wallpaper – so follow the link.

download here

  1. Malnar permalink

    These are pretty cool. Downloading right now. Any chance of seeing a destro lock?
    Great work and thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my god! these are awesome! DLing now, is there any chance of getting a pally in arena gears??

  3. Matt permalink

    Isnt it leetest rouge ever? :S

  4. Nice. More Tauren ones please….

  5. Hey, great icons! I’m going to use the mage :) . I was wondering if you could remove the “hey nice apparatus” on the mage icon and replace it with “PYROBLAST!” instead. Thanks heaps!

    P/S What does the nice apparatus thing mean anyways?

  6. Sure thing guys :D

    Wilz – it’s something gnomes say. Anyway, here’s your pyroblast icon:

  7. <3 Thanks! :)

  8. These really are awesome icons!

    Female gnome warlock, perchance? :D

  9. Flop permalink

    Cute, the paladin one reminds me of bubbling during a failed ubrs

  10. Byffie permalink

    Oh these are the cutest things ever! Oh please, if you feel creative and have some time, please please make some more :D I’m off to order some of your charms.

  11. thank you everyone. i’ll get to work on some more. :D

  12. Macca permalink

    Amazing icons, thx !!! Those are way better than the ones in the armory and signatures sites :)

  13. Oo oo! Pick me! Pick me! Shammy! (Male tauren, if you wanna, but any shammy works.)

  14. A gnome warrior would make me giddy happy and I’d love you forever. :D

    I ran across your blog through an Insider link (I think? Maybe on Massively now, I don’t recall) and absolutely love it. I’m going to be checking in frequently now. :)

  15. Thanks everyone! I’ll be working on all the requests.

  16. eddie permalink

    a druid would be appreciated O.o

  17. Nikabrik permalink

    A dwarf hunter avatar would greatly be appreciated!! Nice web site by the way. Keep up the good work.

  18. Knubb permalink

    Would love to see something about a Gnome frost mage =)

  19. Any chance for more simple text changes? :) A pally in my guild would like to have “Holy Shield!” rather than Bubbles and I recently respecced to frost. WTB “Ice Block!” instead of Pyroblast now :) . And can the dwarf hunter say, “The Beast Within…” instead? Thanks in advance!

  20. Eddie permalink

    These things are awesome!
    Oh, a male troll in demon stalker would make me one happy hunter!

  21. Hunter permalink

    Is there anyway to get a Blood Elf Hunter? I would love that.

  22. I just love the cool leet rogue icon. :D

  23. Hey love the Icons, I found this page as I remember the icons being used on my old guild website over 2 years ago and I was hoping if there was anybody out there who still had the origionals. Any chance you could help me out?

    Again love the icons :D

  24. corola permalink

    yes please reupp em idd love to have them

  25. Kabli permalink

    “We’re sorry, but something went wrong.

    We’ve been notified about this issue and we’ll take a look at it shortly.”

    i cant download it :<
    Pls fix. . . .

  26. Hey everyone! Link has been fixed. Sorry about that – taking longer than I planned to get my new site up. :)

  27. Thanks so much!! :)

  28. Num permalink

    can u make a troll hunter saying “The Hunt is On” plz i loved your avatars

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