Happy New Year

by Jon on January 2nd, 2008

So it has been an eventful couple of weeks. The holidays are behind us, our wallets are thinner, our waistlines… not so much, but we did make out with some incredible real life loot and we both enjoyed some much needed time off from our jobs to spend with our family.

In WoW news, Kaelwryn and Aereyan both hit 70 within minutes of each other. These are our first level 70 characters so we are quite stoked to have finally crossed over into the casual-elusive “endgame”. We had both reached 60 in vanilla but it wasn’t long before TBC dropped and set forth another epic 10 levels to grind.

I borrowed a couple hundred gold from a guildmate and went straight to Ilsa Blusterbrew, the Flying Riding Trainer in Shadowmoon Valley while Shelbi got right to work on creating her Frozen Shadoweave Set. I also had some honor saved up from days of yore so after a handful of organized EotS runs (We went undefeated on Shadowburn for almost 20 games, an impressive feat for the Alliance) I splurged on Gladiator’s Salvation. It’s probably not the most effective tankadin weapon but I figured I would find myself in a healing role often enough to justify the selection. I guess we’ll see.

Unfortunately our rep with the Winter Solstice gods wasn’t high enough to avoid being stricken with a respiratory malady for the latter half of our vacation. We have both been coughing up lungs and other assorted organs for the past few days and needless to say it hasn’t been pleasant. Fortunately our children survived relatively unscathed.

As the new year rolls in, we look forward to getting back on schedule with regular updates. Thanks to all of our readers (fellow gamers, bloggers, guildmates, friends and family) out there who make this blog well worth the effort.

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  1. Congrats on 70! My boyfriend and I got to 70 within a couple hours of each other… would’ve been sooner but I had to leave for a bit in the middle.

  2. Congrats on the mace! It’s better than anything you’ll get until Lady Vashj in SSC, so for both PvP and PvE you’re set! I used it myself until grabbing a new one in Mount Hyjal, but I still use it for PvP. :D

    Check out the badge gear if you’re looking for more upgrades. The cosmic windchime in the middle area of Shatt is always happy to let you window shop.

    I think there’s some serious cold bugs going around. Half my office is wiped out. I’m currently hiding out in my cubical hoping to avoid the plague. Hope you guys feel better soon!

  3. Congrats you two!
    Now you get to join the rest of us who are slowly trying to raise our professions to max, get some sweet epics from Kara, farm 5000g for an epic flyer, farm honor like there is no tommorrow all the while remembering that this is just a fun, relaxing game.

  4. Congrats and Happy New Year !

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