Happy Anniversary

by Jon on August 1st, 2010


From Real Life

  1. Incredibly late (I was in the middle of a lake! For two weeks!)– but still heart felt– congratulations! Many happy returns!

  2. Shows how much I have been paying attention to my blogroll.

    Glad to see you still at it (hehe)…marriage humor)P

  3. haha, grats! I will have to make one of these for my wife at our 10-year…. although she doesn’t play, only I do, so she probably won’t appreciate it very much.

  4. Hey I just stumbled across your blog a few days ago. Are you still updating it?

  5. Tom – Thinking about it again.. we had another baby a little while ago and our side business has been pretty busy. I finally started playing again, so you’ll probably see more frequent updates. :)

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