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by Jon on January 8th, 2008

Well after a visit to the doc and getting blasted in the chest by a Röntgen ray, it has been confirmed, i’ve got teh pneumonias. It sucks but i’ve obtained an arsenal of meds, including a pricey ($12/pill, it must be good right?) antibiotic.

Shelbi and I made it out to BEM and created our very first 2v2 Arena Team. Queues weren’t very nice to us though and we actually didn’t get into any matches. We’ve both PVPd a bit, a few BGs here and there, and the occasional skirmish with the oh-so-friendly horde on Dark Iron. We aren’t really well geared nor are we honed duel-masters but we do have real-life proximity going for us (being in the same room makes it much easier for me to scream more DoTs!).

I’m hoping to get a few rounds in today in between coughing fits. Any pointers for a wet-behind-the-ears Pally-Lock arena team?

  1. Well make the missus go Demo, use the Felguard to tank while you keep everyone healed and she does the DPS. Sounds good on paper

  2. Matt permalink

    I always had trouble in a warrior/pally team when my pally got seduced. Had to waste a bubble and stuff. Felpup is not a bad idea. Are you a retnoobadin now?

  3. Haha I know the screaming across the room scenario too well. I love when my hubby actually plays with me!

    Felhunter is best for PVP, imo, but the Felguard is a great tank. So I agree with both previous commenters. I found that for normal questing, a Pally Lock combo is really good. Haven’t done arena yet though.

  4. Kill order: Healer->Squishy(cloth-wearer)->Hunter or next highest DPS

    Have the warlock fear the other target (assuming you’re still doing just 2v2) and make sure that healer dies. If both can heal and one is a druid, take the druid first.

    Unfortunately, I’m not familiar enough with your classes (at 70 anyway) to offer too much more advice, but that should give you a place to start. Oh yeah, expect to get pounded into the dirt- A LOT. This isn’t BG where they attempt to match groups by level/gear. You’ll probably go up against a good number of people in season 2 gear going for season 3. If you have spare sockets or socketable PvP gear, get resilience gems and keep working at it. Even if you get mutilated 9 matches, 1 good win can easily make up for it.

  5. Overture permalink

    SL/SL Spec or heavy Demo for Warlocks and you can make up for the lack of stamina and other peeveepee stats.
    Really the other posts have covered it all, but just note paladins are sitting ducks once they lose their bubble. It will be the warlock’s job to keep the others off your pocket healer.
    CoT the healers/hardcasters, and browse the lock forums for some nifty macros. I suggest focus fears/spelllocks and auto devours on yourself, teammate, and target. It sounds like a lot, but they are INCREDIBLY useful.
    Its a learning experience, so have fun!

  6. Pointers? pff you don’t need any pointers you are one of the best match ups in pvp, just do what your classes do best and you all will do good.

    note: I raided and BGed with my girlfriend in the past and we never has much of a problem. when it came to arenas on the other hand we started to fight so I try not to arena with her or anyone I am in the same room with.

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