Give it up

by Shelbi on January 18th, 2008

Last night we were able to successfully run Shadow Lab with the help the leetest rouge evar. It was a lot easier than I imagined. We were actually taking bets to see how fast Al could kill the entire group when Blackheart the Inciter incited chaos. Suffice to say we all survived. I managed to be far enough away from other party members which kept me safe, but I did find it odd that with all of the spells I have, Rain of Fire was used every time during the mind control sessions. It did help for all of us to blow our cool downs up front though.

When we downed Murmur, I was fortunate enough to receive the Silent Slippers of Meditation. These were definitely an upgrade for me.. but at what cost? I spent days farming gold and primals to make my Shadow’s Embrace, only to give it up at the first blue that came along.

I could have had a flying mount by now!

  1. Chiisai permalink

    Firs time I comment here, but how can those slippers be an upgrade? Spirit is a wasted stat for warlocks, you gain some stamina and some intelect, at the cost of lots of spell damage and the set bonus?

  2. MichaelTLH permalink

    Don’t get rid of Frozen Shadowweave for those!

    Your Shadow’s Embrace set is much better! Trust me! :)

  3. Yeah, so I’m a bit of a nub. Initially the huge stat bonus and spell damage bonus (even tho it’s -shadow) seemed like a better deal. But, I failed to remember how valuable sockets really are.

    I’m going to stick with what I have and shard the other. :D

  4. Yeah, FSW is way, way better than those shoes. In pretty much every way.

  5. Bellemi permalink

    Keep your frozen shadowweave for sure. FSW is better than T4, and nearly as good as T5 for warlocks and shadow priests.

  6. Haha aww..I am such a nub as well, don’t feel bad. I got excited for you for a moment. xD

    The idea of hitting 70 and dealing with all that leet gear baffles me.

    Good luck on getting your flier! :)

  7. Overture permalink

    Well, a simple way to put it.
    If it has spirit, get rid of it. Healing? Get rid of it, siphon life and drain life are leeches, not healing. Int isn’t BAD per se, but you want to work on Stamina more.
    And even simpler way to put it- raiders don’t start trading out FSW till SSC.

  8. Bellemi permalink

    And SSC gear isn’t even much of an upgrade to it. My guild has shadowpriests and warlocks who downed Illidan still wearing some FSW.

  9. A way to help with not making some of these mistakes is using an addon called Rating Buster. It looks at your class and does a nice little equipment compare on screen that lets you know whether it is a good upgrade for your class or not.

  10. @Brotik – I feel a post coming on here, but I’ll briefly comment. I do use RB and it showed + for everything. It failed to show me -31 shadow dmg.

    Thanks for all of the comments everyone! :D

  11. Hopefully you didn’t DE the nice FSW boots being an enchanter… :)

  12. @Blake: No, no. I’m back to wearing them. :)

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