Don’t Nerf Me Bro

by Jon on October 16th, 2008

Ghostcrawler, I thought you were on our side. =(

Well Ret had it’s fun for about a day. We’ve already been hotfixed.

-Judgment of light and seal of light reduced by around 50%
-Judgment of command dmg reduced by around 25%
-Divine storm does 100% physical dmg instead of 100% holy dmg

I agree that we might have been a bit overpowered in PVP but this nerf seems like a knee-jerk reaction to forum QQers who now have a formidable foe where there once stood just a minor annoyance. The problem is that this clearly affects PVE DPS and raid viability. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. This is nothing new for the Holy Knight.

Update: Official Word from Ghostcrawler regarding the recent hotfix and ret’s future.

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  1. Retridude permalink

    Hmm, where did you get this? Its rather bad spelled, for example : Divine storm dose 100% physical dmg, From what I’ve seen its normally spelled like Divine Storm does 100% physical damage instead of 100% holy damage.

  2. I pulled the quote from mmo-champion. Fixed.

  3. Looks like Ret Paladin has all the love they had at the start of tBC. Hey Blizzard – stop listening to the QQ and let it roll for a few days please! Just once. Bah, forget it, back to normal crappy paladin.

  4. QUINZ permalink

    Retridude-’its rather bad spelled’. This guy is a genius.

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