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by Shelbi on December 14th, 2007

Donations for Tickets Closing Soon!
8:00PM CST is the cut-off for donations through TBK. If you don’t see your name on the Donation page immediately, don’t worry! We have a Christmas play at one of the kid’s schools and as soon as we get home I’ll be adding the remaining donations and sending out raffle number e-mails.

Raffle Meet-Up
When: Today – 11:00PM CST
Where: Dark Iron[US] – Booty Bay
Who: Everyone, of course!
Jon & Shelbi: Kaelwryn & Aereyan (Alliance)

We plan on liveblogging the event, so stay tuned here if you can’t make it out to Dark Iron. Hopefully we’ll be able to get a few people on Vent so we can have communication between both factions. This will help incase any low-level alts need a summon. I’m also a lock and I plan on collecting mass amounts of souls before the event.

Jon will have another update prior to the gathering, so stay tuned!

From General

  1. Well, Bigbearbutt will be there… as he is already in Booty Bay. In Bear form. At level 10. 100% solo, baby.

    Oh, and can I say that you PvP server people are crazy? I got ganked dozens of times on my way from Darnassus to Booty Bay.


    I thought the 70 rogue that felt that riding the boat from menethil harbor to theramore isle and back, ganking everyone waiting at both ends so they missed the boat everytime, was a nice touch. Definitely a ‘welcome to Dark Iron, go back to your own server n00b’ moment.

    Next time someone calls me a carebear, I’m gonna laugh in their face.

    The lengths to which I will go, just for a party. [sigh] Who brought the booze?

  2. I was going to see if I could show up on one of my many low-level Dark Iron hordies, but I’m quite sleepy so I think I’ll pass. Good luck with the event though! And that’s awesome that you guys came up with the idea for such a great event.

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