Death Knights. Runes. OMG!

by Shelbi on May 4th, 2009

Last year, I entered the Design-a-Rune contest on and won. Keeping up with the World of Warcrafts column, along with RL duties, meant I was on hiatus from WoW for a bit. It wasn’t until recently that I actually started my own Death Knight.. and of course, I installed a new addon for my character. Much to my surprise, the runes used in this addon were the same that I designed!

DKi Runes has a lot of great features, including several displays, ability to move/rotate/scale, configurable bars and a fade-out option. You can download the DKi Runes addon here.

From Add-Ons

  1. Hi, I stumbled acrross your blog and was wondering if you were willing to exchange links? I just got my blog online, it is a wow blog for my guild and will soon have profession guides up. I would add you to my blog roll if you could add me to yours, let me know :) my blog is in my comment link.


  2. Three things of note … lol.

    1. I found this site because I was driving my wife to the airport down 121 through Lewisville, TX and a car passed us with a sticker on the window that read VectorVixen. My wife looked at me and said, “I wonder what that is?” Me being the guy I am I got her safely on her way to San Diego then hauled tail to work to look on the internet.

    2. I come to find out that VectorVixen is a web designer who runs a site with her husband and plays a game that anyone reading this should know and love…World of Warcraft! Nuff said on that. Based on that alone I know they are great people.

    3. And last but not least, I learn that the designer of the DK runes graphic which are included in the addon that I have been using since WotLK release is none other then VectorVixen.

    All I can say is … small world … and glad to have run across your site. Thank you for the great work on the runes because I hated all the other designs. Keep up the great site.

    Kangari – 80 DK – Ravenholdt –
    Majikku – 80 Mage – Ravenholdt –

  3. futhark permalink

    I made that addon because I love your runes!

    If you could provide high-res versions of the runes, I’d love to wear them on a CafePress T-Shirt!


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