Child’s Play: What Do You Want?

by Shelbi on September 9th, 2009

deathknight For those who missed out on BlizzCon ’09, I’ve recently added a Death Knight to my character collection, fully decked out in Darkruned gear. I believe this means the only class I’m actually lacking is Troll. I love you guys. I promise. I’ll be adding more within the next few months as well, which brings me to a very important question.

Which of my characters would you like to see turned into a custom figure?
Think n00bz..and think about the children. I’m planning on custom painting some of my characters for Child’s Play Charity this year. As some of you know, our previous efforts with the Charity Raffle were pretty successful. This “doll” will come packaged with some other awesome goodies which are going to take some time to make, so I’m trying to get a head start. I’ll have more details about packages as we get closer to auction time.

Comments with class and itemset are appreciated.

From Charity

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