by Shelbi on May 15th, 2008

Although Starprints is still not up yet, I have listed some charms in my Etsy Shop. Rather than doing them on an order-by-order basis, I’m trying to get a bunch done and only sell what I have in stock. My schedule is just so crazy these days! Please leave a comment with any requests on charms not available and I’ll do my best to get some listed.


From Gear, General

  1. A little Tree of Life would be awesome as well as having the added benefit of appealing to Resto Druids of both the Tauren and Night Elf variety! Also, Trees are cool.

  2. Omg that priest is so cute!!!

    i live in brazil, how can i do to have one of then >.< ?

  3. just bought one =P

  4. Troy permalink

    Nice! There so cute ^_^. I think when i get payed ill get a rogue for my dad and a preist for myself.

  5. I’d love to see a hunter in there, I’d snag it right up, especially if maybe there was a kitty pet to go with it, like the Warlock has a voidwalker? :)

  6. Sleepymel permalink

    I second the hunter with kitty pet suggestion!! Very cute charms!

  7. I sooo want a priesty charm and sticker!!
    they are all so cute I kinda want them all

  8. Tiffany permalink

    a female gnome mage would rock with purple pony tails! your stuff is too cute!!!

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