/cast Redemption

by Jon on July 2nd, 2009

So here goes the obligatory “Is this thing on?” post. We know it’s been a while and that we’re both a couple of slackers when it comes to updating our blog. We’ve actually been extremely busy over the past few months almost a year, both in and out of Azeroth, but we do plan to make a comeback. To get us started I’ve come up with a list of self-imposed quest objectives:

  1. Moderate and respond to the large number of comments that have been collecting dust (I really feel like a jerk for this one).
  2. General site cleanup, polish, etc. I know there’s probably some stuff that is out of date or just broken.
  3. Update the blogroll and links section. This one would generally fall under number 2 but I consider it a massive undertaking worthy of its own number.
  4. Jump on the twitter bandwagon. After much resistance I think I’m going to give it a shot. I’ve got personal twitter (neglected of course) but I think I might keep this one related to the wowverse.
  5. Last but not least… write some effing posts. I might even convince Shelbi to do a recipe or two. =)

Oh btw, epic grats to TJ and Phil on their engagery!

  1. I greatly look forward to the return! :D

  2. Looking forward to seeing some of your posts, don’t forget about us again! :)

  3. Modax permalink

    You guys are awesome!

  4. Ooooh, you guys are back?!?! Whoo hoo!!!!

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