Blood Elf Newbs

by Jon on August 21st, 2007

Sorry for the delay in getting this post up. I’ll try to update more often for all 3* of you. *This number does not reflect our actual readership (which is probably lower).

Eversong Woods

We’re now both sitting on the verge of dinging level 20. I’ve been impressed with the Belf starting zones for the most part. The colors of Eversong Woods are very bright and remind me a lot of Elwynn. This is a good thing imo. I particularly dislike starting characters in the more drab starting areas such as Teldrassil and Durotar.

Silvermoon Scar

Silvermoon also seems to follow the Horde School of Capital City Design by making things asymmetrical and confusing. You can’t deny that it’s pretty though. It looks awesome and the huge scar down the middle of the city made me want to bust out my copy of War3 and play through the campaigns for a lore refresher.


The initial quests in Eversong Woods and the Ghostlands are plentiful. We’ve had no trouble keeping our quest logs full and the rewards are quite decent. I picked up skinning and leatherworking but haven’t really even bothered to level the latter other than to convert scraps to light leather and spit out a few armor patches. The rep rewards seem extravagant, but I’m not yet sure for what reason other than to give you more of a sense of accomplishment. (To Blizzard: it worked).

Knucklerot Luzran Kel'gash

Knucklerot and Luzranne were fun to take out. Kel’gash gave us some trouble though due to some unlucky respawn action at the base of his quaint domicile, but we prevailed on our second attempt. Escort quest are still a pain.

We’re well on our way to finishing these starter zones and the only drawback is the lack of interaction with the rest of the world. As a self-diagnosed completionist, I find myself feeling a bit empty for having bypassed RFC all-together. I guess we’ll still have a chance to pay it a visit before everything in there is a trivial level. There’s also a quest that we need to finish in the Undercity and I’m hoping to get some WSG action before we graduate out of the 10-19 bracket. Until next time…

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