BlizzCon 2009: n00bz

by Shelbi on August 24th, 2009

On the last day of BlizzCon, we headed to the store for a number of goodies, including a blank n00b. Designing my own n00b was one of the things I wanted to do most at BC. I sat down at a table at 11:00am and didn’t get up from that seat until 4:30pm. While it was my intention to spend a few hours there, I had no idea I’d be there for over five. However, I do have a habit of being overly obsessive about my work and I don’t like to stop until I’m finished. Check out the pics of my Rogue Tier 5 (Deathmantle) n00b, created with Sharpie markers and paint pens:

BlizzCon n00bz BlizzCon n00bz BlizzCon n00bz
BlizzCon n00bz BlizzCon n00bz BlizzCon n00bz

Check back for more pics and BlizzCon reports soon!

From BlizzCon

  1. Nice work, quite a challenge in a such short time. post maybe more picture with a better light.

  2. Horko permalink

    I think I saw you guys right after 4:30 at one of the concession stands. I was going to say hi, but you had that look of people who were hungry enough to eat con food. :) (well that, and you were walking away as I was walking in – my cohort and I had that same hungry enough look)

  3. not bad, much more adventurous than I, was thinking of making a T2 pally, but was like nah

  4. Ara permalink

    he kinda looks like a terran marine dressed up all sneaky like


  5. Great job, Shelbi. And while we didn’t officially meet, it was nice to see you at the TNB meetup.

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