Big Bear Butt Love

by Jon on March 6th, 2008

Go here now. Prepare to be overwhelmed by pure awesomeness. If you’re wearing socks, they will likely be rocked right off.

In my defense, I didn’t wipe the raid until after Aran was already down. Stupid flame wreath.

  1. Oh god, and you even had a screenshot.

    How awesome!

    But, as you told me… “It can happen to anyone, right guys? Guys?”

  2. Hey, no durability damage.

    At least that’s something.

  3. Bad luck old chap, in the end I’m sure everyone was pleased to have the badges; and a little fun at your expense. Made me chuckle and remember my own idential mistake, while he was still up.

  4. Well, most of the raid was dead already and I was unfortunate enough to experience the durability hit myself.

  5. I lol’d…and my co-workers once again look at me wierd

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