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by Jon on August 17th, 2009

TBK's BlizzCon Swag

Update: Check out all this awesome swag we’ll be handing out. Temporary tattoos, stickers, and keychains. Find us at BlizzCon and ask us for loots. Now Including DeathKnights!

We’re going to be at BlizzCon again this year. It’ll be our second time to attend and we’re stoked.

We missed a ton of people last year due to poor planning but this time we’re going in prepared with epic gear and a bunch of loot to hand out. That’s right, Shelbi has been slaving over a hot oven making various charms and whatnot to handout to all of our endearing fans.

Here’s our rough itinerary:

Now during the day, we’ll most likely be at one of three places:

  • At the actual convention
  • At a nearby restaurant for some nomz.
  • In our hotel room for a nap.

As for the convention,  we will definitely be attending the closing ceremonies for both nights, I may or may not be participating in the costume contest, and we’ll do our best to hit up the Dark Iron meet. I also want to get in some more Diablo 3 playtime and if they have a playable version of Cataclysm, I’ll be all over it.

Feel free to follow my twitter (@MrRoach) if you want to pinpoint our location.

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  1. Looking forward to see you and all the other Blizz-Fans at Blizzcon this year, it will be my first time.

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