Additional Raffle Prize

by Jon on December 7th, 2007

We’ve received a wonderful prize donation from Mana Princess. She’s offered up a set of her hearthstone charms/keychains to one lucky winner.

We’ve also been trying to plan the in-game event. Our mains are Alliance on Dark Iron so we’ll be holding the event there but we’d like your feedback for the specific location.

Where should we hold our charity raffle event?
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  1. Heehee, a lot of my friends and family play horde on Dark Iron so I’ve got some low-level hordie alts there… maybe I can see if I can show up without getting ganked, eheh…

  2. Sedna permalink

    I’d support any spot a relative noob can get to, as I’ll be making a low-level alt for the get-together- my main’s Horde-side on a PvE server. Either that or have a kindly warlock available to teleport my poor lowbie butt (and the butts of my newb brethren).

  3. What about one of the children’s orphanages? Say the one in Stormwind or Shattrath?

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