Jan 6 12

Looking for Love in Alderaan Places

by Jon

Star Wars: The Old Republic is shaping up to be much more than WoW with lightsabers. It’s impossible not to compare the two, and there are plenty of categories where WoW still has the upper hand but I’m having a blast and I have to give credit to the folks over at BioWare for creating such an awesome game.

The “you’ve got your single player rpg in my mmo” approach is paying off in spades, at least for me. Playing WoW for almost 7 years, I stuck pretty closely to my main characters, but I never really felt like there was a strong connection to them. Now I know why: they were generic shells with no voice and no personality. ToR remedies this in typical BioWare fashion with excellent voice acting and extensive dialogue trees with strong moral decision-making. The immersion is deepened and I find myself actually playing my character in a consistent way. Like adding bacon to a cheeseburger, ToRĀ gives me something that I didn’t realize was missing from my MMO and it’s going to be hard to return to a game without that extra flavor.


My first character is a Sith Inquisitor/Assassin and I’ve been playing him as a hardcore bad-guy. A stark contrast to my Alliance Paladin (although I’m still wearing dresses). TOR grants you points based on how evil (or good) your decisions are when navigating the dialogue trees.

(Jedi Mind Trick: you can enable the show conversation alignment option in the interface settings to make it easier to decipher which decisions will net which gain).

The benefit to building up these dark (or light) side points is access to special gear that can only be equipped after achieving certain dark/light levels. The rewards are pretty similar regardless of your desired path, the only penalty comes from being indecisive as the points are awarded on a sliding scale, with one side negating the other. (eg. obtaining 100 light points and then acquiring 100 dark points puts you back at 0–with no special for neutral gear.)


I just finished up a questline on the planet of Balmorra where I was not-so-subtly asked to help out an Imperial Officer by killing his wife for cheating on him with a Republic Spy. I escorted her to a deserted outpost, disabled the surveillance equipment and then carried out the execution in true Sith fashion. There was an option to let her go, but I would’ve lost out on some precious dark side points. ;)


Jul 29 11

Colossus Illustration

by Shelbi

While this technically is from StarCraft 2, we’re still in the same family, right?

The winner of the This Ticket is Child’s Play contest, LordZammel, requested a Colossus illustration. If you missed the /roll, you can view the screengrab here.


Jun 28 11

Two More Days to Donate and Win!

by Shelbi

Just a quick reminder that there are 2 days left to enter the drawing for the BlizzCon 2011 Ticket and Custom Minitarz Character. All proceeds go to Child’s Play.

I can tell you that there are less than 10 entries, so your odds of winning are REALLY good! :)

Jun 1 11

This Ticket is Child’s Play!

by Shelbi

We’re running a contest over at LFG: BlizzCon from June 1st to June 30th. Donate to Child’s Play and get a ticket for our virtual raffle.

The winner will receive a badge for BlizzCon 2011 (no swag bag) and a custom character illustration (minitarz). 100% of the proceeds will go to Child’s Play. For more info, including rules, Click Here.

Although the details of the raffle are TBD, most likely it will be conducted just like our last raffle.

Mar 20 11

Going to BlizzCon? Join LFGBC.com

by Shelbi

Lately I’ve been working on a new website – Looking For Group: BlizzCon – which is a simplified social networking site dedicated to those of us who plan on attending BlizzCon this year. I wanted to create this site so we can all get to know each other online and then meet up at the con.

When you join, you’ll have access to Profiles, Galleries and Forums. Let us know more about you. Post images of past cons and costume progress. Share your experiences and discuss afterparties. So what are you waiting for? Join Now!

Jan 12 11

TBK is now on Facebook!

by Shelbi

So I’m not sure what took us so long, but we’ve finally got a page on facebook. If you find it easier, or prefer to check facebook, be sure to ‘like’ us. We’ll be cross-posting content, adding photo galleries and more!


Jan 12 11

Minis: Worgen

by Shelbi

It’s been a while since we’ve posted. We’ve been really busy making babies. We have a new addition to our family which maybe Jon will expand upon in another post. I just wanted to share a Worgen I made. He’s extra fancy with his top hat. :)

Now that things have slowed down a bit, I might be able to make more of these. Enjoy!

Aug 1 10

Happy Anniversary

by Jon


Sep 14 09

The Plight of the 10-Man Guild

by Jon

Editor’s Warning: This post is long. If you don’t like em long you can skip straight to the good stuff here.

I’ve been the acting guild and raid leader for <Specced for Awesome> since the mid-TBC era. We started out as an extremely casual guild and delved headfirst into Karazhan with our motley crew of 10 or so raiders. Most of us had never raided before (that one time where I lolcleansed a ZG pug in vanilla doesn’t count). We dabbled in 5-mans here and there but Kara was that first hit of the hard stuff. We were hooked.


Months later we were clearing the entirety of Kara in one night. So what next? We naturally attempted to jump right in to Zul’Aman where the Amani trolls proceeded to have their way with us. ZA was challenging to say the least. Kara was (and still is) a great instance but it wasn’t really giving us the fix we needed. We really had no choice but to head into Gruul’s Lair and Magtheridon’s Keep if we wanted to progress. There was just one problem: we were a 10-man guild and these raids required 25.


So we did what we had to, we upped our recruitment efforts. We recruited pugs from heroics and Kara runs, we advertised in trade, solicited the unguilded and even braved the dreaded realm forums. It took a guild merger/acquisition but we finally got the numbers we needed.

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Sep 9 09

Child’s Play: What Do You Want?

by Shelbi

deathknight For those who missed out on BlizzCon ’09, I’ve recently added a Death Knight to my character collection, fully decked out in Darkruned gear. I believe this means the only class I’m actually lacking is Troll. I love you guys. I promise. I’ll be adding more within the next few months as well, which brings me to a very important question.

Which of my characters would you like to see turned into a custom figure?
Think n00bz..and think about the children. I’m planning on custom painting some of my characters for Child’s Play Charity this year. As some of you know, our previous efforts with the Charity Raffle were pretty successful. This “doll” will come packaged with some other awesome goodies which are going to take some time to make, so I’m trying to get a head start. I’ll have more details about packages as we get closer to auction time.

Comments with class and itemset are appreciated.